MUST READ: Keeping Fit and Eating Well – For people with no time at all.

Keeping Fit and Eating Well – For people with no time at all.

It’s an age old problem, and it’s only getting worse. Modern life seems to be chipping away at our ‘spare time’ at an ever increasing rate; and this can leave us feeling as though we’ve lost a grip on our lives, stuck an ever state of response.
I’m sure you’ve probably already gone through all the ‘Life Hack’ lists, productivity tools, and life strategy blogs desperately trying to make sense of things. I’m here to tell you, you don’t need a life hack, oh and by the way, what the heck is a life hack anyway? You don’t need a productivity tool, and you don’t need a life strategy. What you need, is to take some action, meaningful action. This is much tougher than people first imagine, and that’s evident probably in your own patterns of behaviour; so let’s take a look and see what’s up.
You can send a rocket from Earth to Mars; but where does the maximum amount of energy get used – on the surface of Earth…once its outside of the atmosphere it barely uses any energy, yet travels at mind boggling speeds, for mind boggling distances. The same is true for creating momentum in your own personal goals. Here we’re focusing on Keeping Fit, and Eating Well…but the same principle applies to almost all aspects of life.
The truth is, until you have a compelling enough reason to do something; you’ll shrug it off until tomorrow; and as we all know, tomorrow never comes. For me personally, this came in the shape of a 4167-metre-high mountain, Mt. Toubkal. Suddenly what was once an ‘I should’ be getting in shape, became an ‘I must’ get in shape – and as soon as this shift has been made, guess what, I found time to work out, and I found time to eat well. For me it was a gargantuan mountain, for some it’s a wedding dress preemptively bought a size too small, and for others it’s a health scare.
What’s key is taking that shift from a responder to an instigator of change; that’s where all the best results are generated, all the success, all the awesomeness you gain from taking control.
So my fitness regime now occurs anytime between 10pm and midnight, due to the usual pressures of life…work, over 100 miles of daily commute, a baby, a toddler, a cat, a partner – I don’t have a plan, I don’t stick to a routine, I take the most basic action…and it’s the one you should take…just get your shoes one get out the house and MOVE. That’s the first step, and often the toughest to take.
As for eating well? Literally. This is the most needlessly over-complicated concept in modern life, in my opinion. Let me just quickly clear some things up for you real quick.
1. You will not get lean in 15.
2. Food doesn’t have points IRL.
3. If you take a cheat day you’re cheating yourself.
and to sum all of that up…
You either want to eat well, or you don’t. Or some days you will, and some days you won’t. Whatever it is ultimately you’re in charge, you’re calling the shots, so don’t feel guilt for eating a cake, or a pizza, or whatever your food-vice is….OWN THAT, ENJOY IT.  It’s your body, and until you have parity between what your body looks like and what you want it to look like you won’t be happy, so just be aware of that, consciously aware of that, and take it all into your own hands.
Set yourself an event, commit to something, if you jog – sign up to a fun run; this way you will have reasons pulling you towards a goal. So  stop reading blogs…you should have your running shoes on already!


Download Kaunar Yesu by ADI EZE

After refreshing our Spirit man with an overwhelming single; Sunar Yesu (Name of Jesus), Adi Eze is here again with a brand new single titled: Kaunar Yesu (Love of Jesus) produced by Emmanuel Iriemi of Riems studio. This time he connects to the fact that the world today needs Love and it can only be understood from the Love of Jesus. It is our advantage, wealth and our edge over any situation. Only those that have tasted this beautiful Love can ever show Love to either themselves or others. The fusion of his Hausa and English lyrics has helped in bringing a unique sound that is irresistible. So get your dancing shoes ready because the Sunar Yesu crooner has just delivered to you yet another awesome track to bless and to keep you moving your bodies Left, Right and Center.
Happy listening!
Written, Composed and Performed by Adi Eze
Producer: Emmanuel Iriemi
Backup: Blessing Duniya
Photography: SOB
Cover Design: Brand Astute 
Download mp3  
Download link 2


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